Located in Thuringowa Central, our brand new purpose-built Veterinary facility caters to the ever-growing needs of Townsville pet families in one central location.

My Pet Hub is your one-stop-shop for all things pet related featuring:

  • Veterinary Services
  • Doggie Day Care (Dogtopia Retreat)
  • Grooming
  • Retail
  • Cat Boarding
  • Puppy School

My Pet Hub services pets and pet parents of Townsville including Thuringowa Central, Condon, Rasmussen, Bohle Plains, Cranbrook, Aitkenvale, Kirwan, Annandale, Vincent and surrounding suburbs.

Meet Our Team
Lead Vet

I grew up on a farm in South Australia so I’m a fan of Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee, wear “bathers” rather than “swimmers” and know what a stobie pole is. When deciding on a career, I wanted to find something that would always have variety, would allow me to continue to learn every day and would make use of my affinity for working with animals – Vet Science was the perfect choice!

I studied at Murdoch University in Perth and went into mixed practice in northern NSW for my first job. As much as I enjoyed the challenge of unpacking alpacas and pregnancy testing cows in the snow, I moved into small animal practice after 4 years and have focused on cats and dogs ever since. I have been caring for Townsville pets and their families since 2011.

I am one of those rare vets who has a very small fur family – one cat, “Private Henry” aka “Henry” who enjoys the solitude of the wardrobe during the day and ventures out at night after the non-fur children have gone to bed.  Cats are definitely not small dogs and one of the things I really wanted to do at My Pet Hub was to make sure we catered to their special characteristics.

I really enjoy preventive medicine and dentistry and love to make use of the visual art of ultrasound. I believe keeping animals healthy both physically and emotionally is one of the greatest things we can do for our pet family.


I am a Townsvillian and while I did not start my career in the animal industry. Becoming a vet is something I have always wanted ever since I can remember. I was given the opportunity to change my career and accept the challenge of becoming a vet and I took it. Today I work for a fantastic clinic in my dream job with My Pet Hub. I love the culture in this clinic and the passion and commitment everyone has to assist owners care for their pets. My Pet Hub truly represents the best the vet industry and I know this because I have always had a variety of pets and been on the same side of the counter as you. I own a small tribe of dachshunds, a number of cats (3 I raised from 2-3 weeks old, so yes I am a foster fail) and lots of bids, ranging from a variety of parrots, to geese, ducks chickens, king quals, guineafowl and peafowl. They keep me very busy, but it is always fun.

My focus as a vet is about supporting people and their furred friends (cats and dogs) through education and preventative medicine. I have a keen interest in exotics, especially our feathered friends, but also scaled and pocket pets. So, at the end of a very long day, I like to relax on the couch with my feet up and my tribe of dachshunds around me watching the box. P.S. I am a sci-fi fan.

Vet Nurse & Practice Manager

I am a born and raised Townsvillian and have always been crazy obsessed with all things animals.  I grew up around dogs and two days before my Husband and I bought our first house, we adopted two beautiful pooches of our own. Upon finishing school, I completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology and then continued on to do honours studying Australian Native Geckos which was SUPER interesting!  I have a keen interest, not only in domestic animals but basically everything from the tiniest creepy crawlies to anything with feathers, scales, or fur  so pretty much anything that that moves!  Upon completing my University Degree in 2007, I’d had enough of the academic life for a while and took my first job in the vet industry as a Veterinary Nurse in a local clinic.  By 2011 I had completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and was working as a full-time nurse when I was offered the role of Practice Manager.  I worked in this role until 2014 before taking some time off after having our first child.  I returned to work in a part time capacity, entering into a support role involving anything from basic administerial tasks to mentoring and supporting clinic teams.  Over the next few years I went on to have twins in 2015 and am just returning from maternity leave after having our 4th child late in 2018.  This brings me to my current shared role of Practice Manager of My Pet Hub.  When I’m not at work, I spend my time hanging out with our precious ‘first borns’ – Molly and Suzie who are 13year old Ridgeback x Huskies, our 4 beautiful children, and my husband.  Life is pretty busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way and am looking forward to spending a few days per week at My Pet Hub doing what I absolutely love.  I’m incredibly excited to be a part of an exceptionally passionate and experienced Team, committed to providing a gold standard of care for every animal and person who walks through our doors. 

Vet Nurse & Dog Handler

Growing up I always had a pet, however, a cat or dog were never one. I always had rats, mice, guinea pigs (I’m talking about 15 guinea pigs), snakes, a bird and pet lizards. I always wanted to be involved in the veterinary industry while I was growing up watching Dr. Harry, although I didn’t want to take temperatures.

I began my career in the industry at Dogtopia Retreat doggie daycare as an Open College student studying a Certificate II in Animal Studies which I completed in 2017. In 2018, I moved into the Assistant Manager position and loved every minute of being in a fantastic team and environment. I learnt hands on skills around dog behaviour, body language and off leash interactions between large groups of dogs. Snuggling pooches and developing loving relationships with each pet was a major part of the journey.

I have since completed a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and spent just over a year doing Canine Hydrotherapy. I am also one of the Puppy School trainers and love spending time with each pup training new skills and watching them grow.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching ruby league and growing/nurturing my vegetable garden.

Vet Nurse

I grew up in Townsville and started vet nursing when I was 16 years old. I have a Certificate II in Animal Studies and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I am currently studying my Diploma of Veterinary Nursing General Practice.

I’ve had a variety of pets and fosters including dogs, rats, snakes, lizards, birds, cats, fish and hermit crabs. My current fur family consists of an excitable gold Labrador named ‘Sunny’, a very big Great Dane Cross named ‘Maxxy’ and a cheeky Domestic Short hair named ‘Javier Esposito’.

My passions are behaviour and dentistry. I love teaching Puppy Preschool and helping owners give their puppies a great start to life and form life long bonds. Dental health is also an important aspect of pet care that I enjoy, it includes educating owners about their pets oral health and performing dental checks and scale and polish procedures.

Evangeline (Evie) Cowen
Vet Nurse

I have always had a passion for and close bond with animals. Growing up I was surrounded by as many animals as my parents would allow - with chickens, ducks, birds, fish, mystery snails, puppies, kitties, and a beautiful horse who I competed with, making it to nationals at one stage! It was of no surprise to my family when I decided to dive into the veterinary world.

I am originally from Brisbane, and have worked as a nurse there and in melbourne, travelling along with my fiance through his posting in the army.

I am a Cert 4 qualified in Veterinary Nursing, and also hold a Cert 3 in Wildlife Studies, being my other great passion!

We made the venture to Townsville with our two beautiful cats Ziggy and Sven, and have already adopted another little kitten who came to my pet hub and needed a home!

In my spare time I am a cellist and singer in a band, I like to make art and create anything i can, write songs and maybe play the occasional video game!

I am excited to be a part of this team, and continue to give my best efforts and knowledge into each case that comes through the doors!

Georgia Herwin
Vet Nurse

I grew up in a 3 pet house with 2 huskies and a cat, I always knew I wanted to be involved in the animal industry somewhere.

In grade 10 I completed work experience at a local wildlife sanctuary, this furthered my love for animals and drove me to sign up and complete my certificate II in Animal studies while I was still in high school.

After graduating both from school and my certificate I was working full time as a dog handler for our local doggy day care.

In 2020 I decided I needed a change and moved to NSW where I was working as a phlebotomist for Sullivan nicholaides, while I adored this adventure I missed seeing all the happy faces of a vet clinic and decided I would follow my heart and go back into nursing.

I am currently studying my Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing and hope to be finished by the end of 2022.

Following my work experience I have a soft spot for all things pocket pet and wildlife.

Outside of work you can find me at the gym, on the beach with Kenai or furthering my knowledge in the industry.

Dogtopia Daycare Manager

I was born and raised on a small farm in Bannockburn, Victoria were the family had a wide range of animals, ranging from dogs, cats, goats and chickens. At the age of four my family and I moved to Townsville, sadly having to leave the farm and some of the animals behind.

I completed both primary schooling at Holy Spirit and secondary schooling at Ignatius Park. I began working at Dogtopia Retreat on the first day of business in 2016 doing causal shifts after school and found that I loved working with animals, however never really envisioned it.

I graduated from Ignatius Park in 2018 but I wasn’t too sure I knew what I wanted to do, so I applied to study Bachelor of Business at James Cook University which I completed my first year of in 2019.

Luckily in November 2019 I was offered the manager position at Dogtopia Hyde Park, which worked really well as management was along the lines of what I was studying at university. After a couple of months of working in the management position, I found that I loved working in a management role inside of a business and this was the perfect business for me to work in as I loved animals, especially dogs.

In February 2020, I was then again lucky enough to be asked to manage both our locations at Dogtopia Hyde Park and our new found location My Pet Hub in Kirwan, which was incredibly exciting.

I have my own cat which is a rescue and was adopted in March 2020. I was lucky enough to take this little Russian Blue home and I gave him the name Gaston. I was unsure as to how I ended up with a cat, as I’m more of a dog lover, however I am very happy to have Gaston as part of my family.

In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, hanging out with my friends, playing Xbox and spending time with my family.

Dogtopia Daycare Assistant Manager

I was born and bred in Sydney, growing up always having dogs, cats and birds. I often brought home lost or stray animals in the hopes that we could keep them!


I’ve always loved animals, so after a long career in childcare, I knew I wanted to work in the animal industry.


I’ve been fortunate enough to volunteer in South Africa with monkeys, and Costa Rica with Sloths, and other animals (including an emu who found himself a very long way from home!)


I have completed a certificate 2 in Animal Studies and went on to do a certificate in Animal Nutrition.


Doggy day care was my dream job and was lucky enough to live it every day! I’m particularly interested in dog behaviour, and how they relate to each other in a pack environment. Working in doggy day care has allowed me to get to know so many beautiful dogs, understand and get to know their different personalities and how I can communicate with them effectively.


 I relocated to Townsville earlier in the year in search of a sea change and am so excited to be able to continue doing what I love – looking after beautiful fur babies!


I can’t wait to welcome a dog into my family in the very near future.


Dog Handler

I grew up on a hobby farm in Geelong until I turned three which is where my passion for animals began. On the farm, our family had cows, sheep, guinea pigs, cats and dogs. I have very little memories of the farm, but I do remember the cold and how much I hated it. Luckily, my parents made the decision to move up to Townsville for my dad’s career and fortunately for me, warmer weather.

Shortly after we had settled in Townsville, my mum began her journey as a manager at a local vet clinic which only caused our families passion for animals to spread. At this stage at home we had Max who was a rottweiler, DJ a black cat, Buddie and Sweetie were cockatiels, and Snuffy who was a Maltese X. But little did we know that the number was about to increase. Soon after mum started, we got a Russian Blue named Gato who was very vocal, and multiple Hermit Crabs.

In 2013, mum brought a cat named Tigger home ‘for the night’ who was dumped in a garbage bag in front of the clinic she was working at. I remember being terrified of this little kitten who I strongly disliked at the beginning as he would chase my feet. But for some unknown reason he chose me, which was when I got my first pet which was a massive responsibility for a 12-year-old. Luckily, I took the challenge on and with my brother's help a new spark for cats was created.

Over a decade into my mum's veterinary career she came home with this crazy idea which was never unusual for a business lady like her to begin a Family Doggy Daycare. Like always Dad agreed to it, but little did we know this would be the start of something big. So, in 2015 mum created our families very first doggy daycare center called Dogtopia Retreat in Hyde Park. But she needed staff. Eagerly I was fortunate enough to get my first job at this facility which I have worked at ever since. Just over three years after the first Dogtopia Retreat was opened, we are now for taking on a big adventure with My Pet Hub and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Dog Handler

l grew up on 3 acres in The Lockyer Valley, a very small community. The school I attended from 1 to 7 at most had 42 students. l attended a local town high school that was a 1 hr bus ride either way.  Circumstances chose for me to leave school just before the end of yr ten. The next 4yrs l worked in a factory to support myself and my two sisters. l left the small town life at age 20 and lived and worked in many Queensland towns and various positions. With a vision for better opportunities for my daughters, l settled in Townsville 12 yrs ago. l have worked as a school cleaner for the past 8yrs and Townsville is my home. I have had pet dogs, guinea pigs, turtles, a rat and a snake. Growing up we had a vast variety of all types of pets including a dingo, a koala, a kangaroo, a cow, and so so much more. I feel blessed to have loved so many animals and I am extremely excited to be taking this journey into the animal industry. At this point in time l have a pet guineapig and his name is Bicky.

Dog Handler

Born and raised in Townsville I have always had a passion for animals. Growing up my family always had dogs so it was my dream to have one to call my own.
In high school I did a work placement at a vet clinic as I had dreamed of being a vet my whole life. But I soon realised that wasn't the career path for me.
I always knew working beside dogs was what I wanted to do but there wasn't ever a name for it back then. I went on to study and complete my Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology at JCU, wanting to one day pursue a job at a zoo.
Volunteering at Billabong Sanctuary gave me a small insight into what that would be like, and while I loved being around the many species of animals there, in my heart I knew working with dogs was my true passion. Now with years of experience in boarding kennels and dog daycare's I find myself here with the Dogtopia/Pet Hub team finally doing what I've always wanted. Now with my partner we have our fur-son Wallace the Italian Greyhound, and hope to get him an iggy sister in the not so distant future.

Head Groomer
Meet Our Team's Pets
Emily's Cat

I was found as a kitten on Lavarack Barracks and was supposed to go home with Emily just for the weekend but, as usually happens with these things, I stayed.  I was named “Private Henry” because I was found at the barracks but generally I am known as Henry (or Hezza).  

I like to stick to the cat code of conduct and spend most of my time sleeping apart from crazy hour in the evening, I seek affection on my own terms and generally only get cranky if someone is not paying me the appropriate amount of attention. 

I am a cat of few words, I dislike disruption to my routine and hide as soon as there is the hint of someone strange around. I must always test the softness of any pile of washing, pillow or blanket and investigate boxes or bags that appear in my house. 

Favourite food: Royal Canin Adult Wet Sachets 
Occasional indulgence: the milk left in the cereal bowl 
Most annoying habit: scratching under the pillows first thing in the morning 

Paula's dog

Hi my name is Suzie (aka Sue Bear), I’m a 13 year old Ridgeback x Husky and I live with my sister, Molly.  My favourite spots to hang out are either on cool tiles, the garage floor, or the back deck.  When I’m not snoozing the day away, I’m following Molly around reaping the rewards of her begging and scoring extra treats.  When Molly’s begging efforts aren’t proving effective then I break out my most ear-piercing bark for added effect until the desired result is achieved. I can be considered part ‘water rat’ as I love my river swims.  I feel it’s my civic duty to also keep tabs on all of the cats of the neighbourhood and ensure that they (along with everyone else in the house) know that I can see them, regardless of the time of day or night with my specific ‘cat bark’.  Back at our old house I successfully destroyed several sets of blinds after getting caught in them whilst spying through the louvres at the cat next door.  One of my most favourite past times is perusing the perimeter of the yard and snacking on possum poo.  My family think it’s pretty gross but I don’t feel they understand how utterly delicious it is!  Like my sister, I too possess a fair bit of hardware in my body after having a total hip replacement surgery in 2014. 

Favourite food – Freshly produced possum poo 

Favourite activities – Spying on the neighbourhood cats and letting the world know when I’ve spotted one, and camping out underneath high chairs waiting for the little people to drop food. 

Most annoying habit – ‘crop dusting’ my family with my revolting smelling tummy gas from eating too much possum poo… 

Paula's dog

Hi my name is Molly, I’m a 13 year old Ridgeback x Husky and my sole purpose in life is to pursue my next meal.  As an elegant older lady, I spend most of my time laying upside down on couches, recliners, and beds and snoozing the day away.  The only thing that will get me up is the sound of the fridge door opening or the rustling of a packet.  I enjoy pinching kids toys and collecting them in my bed which I then guard from my sister, Suzie.  I enjoy visits down to the river for a dip and feel it necessary to shake all the water out of my coat even though I’ll only ever get my paws wet…  At sunrise I hold Mum and Dad to ransome for my breakfast – threatening to wake the entire house up with my tail bashing and ‘singing’ until someone gets up to feed me.  I’m a seasoned visitor to Mum’s work due to having severe hip displaysia and can be considered a ‘bionic’ pooch as I’ve had two total hip replacements. 

Favourite food – ALL OF THE FOODS!!! but in particular anything that involves the bbq. 

Favourite Activity – FOOD!!!  Hassling for food, looking for food, pinching food from the little people, and then digesting my food. 

Most annoying habit – Scratching my Mum and Dad with my sharp claws when they stop giving me belly and butt scratches. 

Ebony's Dog

Also known as: ‘boofy dog’ ‘yammy’ or ‘yam’.

I am a 40kg wolfhound cross born in 2017 as the runt of the litter (I’m bigger than all my sisters and 1 of my brothers). Everyday I have a new dirt spot to show my parents and love to rub up on all their nice clothes. I love to howl at 3am to tell everyone that I am awake, I also love to howl along to any puppy noises because they are so cute sounding (I grew up with a husky). I can put on a big front but  am the biggest softy there is. I love my little sister and the tiny dog siblings too (the cats).


Favourite snacks: Hot Chippies!!!

Favourite place to hang out: in the garden

Favourite activity: rolling in anything I can find in the garden.

Ebony's Dog

Also known as ‘Teeny Tiny’.

I am a brindle Staffy/kelpie mix born in 2017 so you can already tell I’m an active pooch. I absolutely love my brother to bits and like to chase the cats. I have had surgery on my legs as I have cruciate problems and a little bit of arthritis even though I’m only a young pup. I have a bit of social anxiety which makes it difficult for me to make new friends (people and other doggos) but my mummy works hard to help build my confidence skills by consistent training. I have a yellow collar that says “nervous” to make sure others are aware of my anxiety and to help educate people that not all dogs like to be approached but can still go out for walkies.

Favourite Snack: Everything!!!

Favourite place to hang out: inside on the couch

Favourite activity: Laps and Laps around the yard. YAY!

Ebony's Cat

Also known as ‘mitty’.

I am a majestic tortoiseshell cat, the oldest pet of the house, born in 2015 on Father’s Day. I only have time for smooching my dad and laying in any basket I can find. I can be an ‘extra’ when it comes to a visit at the vets but the staff at My Pet Hub know how to care for my special needs and wants.

Favourite place to hang out: anywhere my dad is or mum’s vegetable garden

Favourite activity: boss the dogs around (they always listen to me)

Ebony's Cat

Also known as ‘Orange Cat’.

I am the youngest of the house born in 2018. I was brought into my mum’s previous work as a fat, flea riddled, wormy cat. I was staying with my mum “just over the weekend” for some TLC which turned into a 4th fur baby. I am very mischievous and love to chase my sister around the house and she even hisses to let me know how much fun she is having.

Favourite activity: annoying Mittens
Favourite place to hang out: in the sun or in the dog house outside

Jamie's dog

I came from Ingham when I was 8 weeks old to my new home in Townsville. I got my name Sunny because of my bright personality and my golden colour.  I’m a typical labrador; I’m big, bouncy, goofy and easily excitable.  I am a big cuddler and love attention from anyone. I like spending my day playing and sunbaking. On the weekends I go to the dog park with my big brother Maxxy. I LOVE going to daycare and making new friends.

  • Favourite Food: Royal Canin Neutered Adult Dry Food
  • Occasional Indulgence: Cat treats! My cat brothers treats are the tastiest!
  • Most Annoying Habit: Drooling, if there is food around then I drool A LOT
Antonio's dog

I was born at Diamond Valley Kennels on the Sunshine Coast.  My mum is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Ruby and my dad is a Toy Poodle called Teddy.

I was lucky to be adopted by a loving owner who loves to spoil me with lots of toys and treats. I love to play with him in the morning just before he leaves for work and when he gets home after work we go out and play.

I’m a really fussy eater but my dad has lots of patience and spoils me. I also love meeting new people and getting cuddles from them.

  • Favourite food:  Chicken.
  • Favourite toy:  A small dog that I call duke.
  • Most annoying habit:  I love to dig my water out of my water bowl and dunk my head in it.
Tracy's Guinea Pig

My two daughters came home five yrs ago with these two adorable guinea pigs whom we named Buddy and Penny. They were extremely spoilt pigs, nothing but the best fresh vegies. Not long after Buddy and Penny moved in Penny was pregnant. Penny was so big we thought she was having at least three babies but no, just one huge baby pig. We named him Bicky as his colouring seemed to look like a biscuit. Mum and baby bonded greatly but dad and baby not so much. We decided to give the three pigs individual homes. We would always take our three lovelies onto grass and sit with them while they got petted and ate their favourite food..grass. Sadly about a yr after Bicky was born, Buddy and Penny both passed away. The golden retriever we live with thinks she is Bicky’s mum and shares the love with him.

Colby's cat

I’m a Russian Blue name Gaston who loves running around the house and playing with my large variety of toys. I’m a rescue cat and was happily adopted by my dad and his family in March 2020.

I receive baths on the weekend, which I’m not the biggest fan off, however, it makes me smell nice so that’s all that matters.

I enjoy licking people’s noses while they sleep and I have an obsession with toys and climbing equipment.

  • Favourite Food: Ham and chicken
  • Most Annoying Habit: Licking my parents' noses while they try and sleep
  • My Favourite Toy: My blue ball with a bell in it
Jordan's cat

When I was one day old, I was dumped in front of a local vet clinic in a garbage bag with my brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, I never met my parents but was lucky enough to be hand raised by a wonderful nurse who bottle fed me until I was strong enough to venture around the clinic. As I stole the hearts of all the staff because of my affection and human like attributes, something was missing. A loving and caring home.

Suddenly my wish was granted. My hero walked into the room and I knew I had to go home with this lady. After hours of preventing her from doing her work and sleeping on her shoulder she made the decision to ‘take me home for the day’ but now I live with her! I was named ‘Tigger’ after the Tiger of Winnie-The-Pooh because of my strips.

I am an adventurous cat who makes friends with anything that moves. I am great friends with Cat Gato (Russian Blue) who was my favourite frenemy but has been gone for a while. We often had misunderstandings over food as he would always forget which food was his. I am great friends with Dogs Simba (Rottweiler) and Snuffy (Maltese x) who I stealthy slap. But my closest friends are my humans. I sit with them at the table whilst they eat, and we had a great agreement that when I talk, I get food in return. Life is great and the staff at My Pet Hub make every visit to the vet a joy as I get to meet new people and get attention!

  • Favourite Food: Chicken
  • Occasional Indulgence: Leftover tea
  • Most Annoying habits: Jumping up on the table
Abbey's Dog

Nicknames: Wally, Waldo boldo, Ballace, Goblin, Tiny horse, Rattus
I am originally from Skyefall Kennels in Melbourne, and flew up to mum and dad just before borders shut for Covid in March 2020. So being a Covid puppy I hate when my parents leave me home alone, although I am working on it.
I am not your typical shy Italian Greyhound, as I make friends with every human and dog I meet. With a huge personality and a lot of sass, my grandparents fell in love with me at first sight and I have weekly visits with them.
I love giving face kisses but only to dad, much to mum's annoyance as she tries so hard. I love snuggling under any blanket and hate wearing jumpers that are to keep me warm. Naked boy for life.

Favourite food/s: Sardines, vegemite on toast
Favourite toy: Squeaky KONG tennis ball
Embarrassing habit: I always pee on my front legs so mum always has a baby wipe handy to clean me up.

Georgia's Dog

Also known as “nugget or pumpkin”

I am a pure bred border collie, born mid 2021. As much as I miss my day care friends in Emerald, I love spending time with mum at the beach and meeting as many new friends as possible. I am absolutely ball crazy and will do anything for someone to throw the ball for me (I even try to unsuccessfully convince Theo to throw it for me).

Favourite snack: chicken nuggets!!

Favourite place to hang out: at the beach

Favourite activity: fetch!

Georgia's Cat

I am a domestic long hair X. I was adopted from CQ Pet Rescue in late 2018. I am a big boy and love to make sure everyone knows that I’m the head of the house. I pretend to hate Kenai but really enjoy him being around. My favourite person is grandpa and I’m definitely his favourite person too! Since moving up here I have found a new favourite hobby of watching the big pretty chickens (peacocks) wonder along the side of the house and often try to smell them through the glass window.

Favourite activity: sleeping

Favourite place to hangout: the most uncomfortable looking spot possible.