Jordan's cat


When I was one day old, I was dumped in front of a local vet clinic in a garbage bag with my brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, I never met my parents but was lucky enough to be hand raised by a wonderful nurse who bottle fed me until I was strong enough to venture around the clinic. As I stole the hearts of all the staff because of my affection and human like attributes, something was missing. A loving and caring home.

Suddenly my wish was granted. My hero walked into the room and I knew I had to go home with this lady. After hours of preventing her from doing her work and sleeping on her shoulder she made the decision to ‘take me home for the day’ but now I live with her! I was named ‘Tigger’ after the Tiger of Winnie-The-Pooh because of my strips.

I am an adventurous cat who makes friends with anything that moves. I am great friends with Cat Gato (Russian Blue) who was my favourite frenemy but has been gone for a while. We often had misunderstandings over food as he would always forget which food was his. I am great friends with Dogs Simba (Rottweiler) and Snuffy (Maltese x) who I stealthy slap. But my closest friends are my humans. I sit with them at the table whilst they eat, and we had a great agreement that when I talk, I get food in return. Life is great and the staff at My Pet Hub make every visit to the vet a joy as I get to meet new people and get attention!

  • Favourite Food: Chicken
  • Occasional Indulgence: Leftover tea
  • Most Annoying habits: Jumping up on the table
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