Who needs Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is important for pets. Some common reasons your pet may need rehab include:

  • Following orthopaedic surgery
  • In preparation for orthopaedic surgery
  • Chronic disease such as arthritis
  • Ligament and tendon injury
  • Muscle injury
  • Sporting dogs
  • Prevention measures
  • Dogs at risk of cruciate injury, intervertebral disc disease and patella luxation
  • Pets who need careful exercise due to other health issues such as weight and cardiac disease

Rehabilitation Consult

During your consultation, your vet will assess areas including:

  • Pain in joints, muscles, spine
  • Range of motion (flexion and extension) of joints
  • Circumference of muscles
  • Gait
  • General health and wellbeing including diet, weight and activity levels
  • Diagnostics or medications that may be required

Common Rehabilitation Programs

  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Rehabilitation exercises using physiotec online modality
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Gait and walking
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Massage
  • Underwater treadmill
  • Therapeutic laser

If you have more questions about rehabilitation or would like to organise a consultation, please reach out to our friendly reception.

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