Emily's Cat


I was found as a kitten on Lavarack Barracks and was supposed to go home with Emily just for the weekend but, as usually happens with these things, I stayed.  I was named “Private Henry” because I was found at the barracks but generally I am known as Henry (or Hezza).  

I like to stick to the cat code of conduct and spend most of my time sleeping apart from crazy hour in the evening, I seek affection on my own terms and generally only get cranky if someone is not paying me the appropriate amount of attention. 

I am a cat of few words, I dislike disruption to my routine and hide as soon as there is the hint of someone strange around. I must always test the softness of any pile of washing, pillow or blanket and investigate boxes or bags that appear in my house. 

Favourite food: Royal Canin Adult Wet Sachets 

Occasional indulgence: the milk left in the cereal bowl 

Most annoying habit: scratching under the pillows first thing in the morning 

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