Dogtopia Daycare Assistant Manager


I was born and bred in Sydney, growing up always having dogs, cats and birds. I often brought home lost or stray animals in the hopes that we could keep them!

I’ve always loved animals, so after a long career in childcare, I knew I wanted to work in the animal industry.

I’ve been fortunate enough to volunteer in South Africa with monkeys, and Costa Rica with Sloths, and other animals (including an emu who found himself a very long way from home!)

I have completed a certificate 2 in Animal Studies and went on to do a certificate in Animal Nutrition.

Doggy day care was my dream job and was lucky enough to live it every day! I’m particularly interested in dog behaviour, and how they relate to each other in a pack environment. Working in doggy day care has allowed me to get to know so many beautiful dogs, understand and get to know their different personalities and how I can communicate with them effectively.

 I relocated to Townsville earlier in the year in search of a sea change and am so excited to be able to continue doing what I love – looking after beautiful fur babies!

I can’t wait to welcome a dog into my family in the very near future.

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