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Puppy Primary School

Some puppies and families might miss the chance to develop skills via puppy school, so we developed a class for the next stage upward in learning and development.

Primary School Requirements

All puppies enrolled into Primary School will be between 17 weeks and 6 months of age, up to date with all their vaccinations to clinic policy and up to date with parasite control.


The Benefits of Puppy School

Puppy PreSchool

Puppy school is a great way to start training your furry friend from the very beginning. There are numerous benefits for both you and your pup when it comes to taking classes at a reputable puppy school. First and foremost, socialisation is key. Puppies need plenty of interaction with other dogs and people in order to develop healthy behaviours and habits.

Behaviour Consultations

When a behaviour problem is identified the first step is to ascertain whether it is a training problem or a true behaviour problem. Behaviour issues may be a result of many different factors. In order to properly evaluate a problem, our vets will look into behavioural issues by thoroughly reviewing your pet’s health records and doing a thorough assessment (sometimes, your pet may need blood or urine tests to check for core medical illnesses). Behaviour issues are frequently the result of a variety of variables working together, notably your pet’s surroundings and education can play a large part.


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