Abbey's Dog


Nicknames: Wally, Waldo boldo, Ballace, Goblin, Tiny horse, Rattus

I am originally from Skyefall Kennels in Melbourne, and flew up to mum and dad just before borders shut for Covid in March 2020. So being a Covid puppy I hate when my parents leave me home alone, although I am working on it.

I am not your typical shy Italian Greyhound, as I make friends with every human and dog I meet. With a huge personality and a lot of sass, my grandparents fell in love with me at first sight and I have weekly visits with them.

I love giving face kisses but only to dad, much to mum’s annoyance as she tries so hard. I love snuggling under any blanket and hate wearing jumpers that are to keep me warm. Naked boy for life.

Favourite food/s: Sardines, vegemite on toast

Favourite toy: Squeaky KONG tennis ball

Embarrassing habit: I always pee on my front legs so mum always has a baby wipe handy to clean me up.

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