Online Ordering

What is online ordering?

Our online ordering system allows you to browse products online and submit an order to our clinic. The items available are food products, parasite protection and merchandise such as leads and collars.

Repeat or prescription medication

For repeat or prescription medication online
Email us at

How the process works

You will need to log in or create an account on our online portal. Here you can browse the products available and add the selected products to your cart. Once your order is processed in the portal, the clinic will collect the stock and email you a final invoice.

The final invoice can be paid for online via credit card payment. Once paid for, the clinic will be in contact to arrange a pick-up time for you to collect the order contactless from the clinic.

For Best for Pet Members

Our Best For Pet members receives 10% off food and parasite protection. The discount will be applied on the final invoice from the clinic but will not appear in the online portal.