Veterinary Receptionist


I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. I grew up always begging my parents for animals. I had rabbits and birds throughout primary school, and started horse rising at a young age but my heart was always a little bit empty as I always wanted a puppy but was always declined until a little stray puppy came into our lives when I was 10. She is my very best friend to this day even if thousands of kilometers of water are between us.  

Growing up surrounded by a wide range of animals, I always knew my career would be in the animal world. My last 2 years of high school I volunteered at our local vets which I enjoyed a lot especially when I got to take birds home to rehabilitate. My first Rehabilitation was a failure as he ended up staying, he was a scrawny little baby pigeon called Elmo; who ended up being a bit of a celebrity in our little suburb. He started my love for birds, and after him I had a lot of rehabilitation successes.  

In 2017, I worked in a doggy day care and cattery, where I gained a lot of knowledge about dog behaviour and handling. The year after that, I started vet nursing and gained my certificate in Vet Nursing. However, I enjoyed the science portions of our lessons so much that I ended up doing a complete career change. I now am 5 years into my marine biology career, currently studying my masters. I still am surrounded by animals, just in a different biome.  

I am really glad that I get to spend my spare time still working in a clinic as I do miss it a lot, I’m grateful that the team at My Pet Hub have been so welcoming.  

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