1. Vaccination – All cats coming in for boarding must be vaccinated with the F3 vaccination. Prior to admission we require a copy of your cat’s current vaccination certificate.

2. Parasite Prevention – All cats entering the boarding facility must be up to date with flea and worming prevention. We require proof of parasite prevention in the form of either receipt of purchase or the product packaging.

3. Belongings – If there is anything you would like to bring with your cat such as bedding, toys and food to make your cat feel more at home you’re welcome to bring them along.

4. Diet – If your cat is very fussy or requires a special diet then we recommend that you bring their regular food with them for us to give to them.

5. Paperwork – Have you completed a Cat Boarding Admission form? This form is required each time your cat stays with us so we can make sure we are providing your cat with the best possible care. If you haven’t completed one, we can email a form for you to fill out.

6. Admission Time – Have you booked an admission time for your cat? Let our friendly team members know when you will be bringing your cat in for boarding so we can ensure we have everything ready for you.

If you have any questions regarding the boarding process please don’t hesitate to contact us.