Health, Vaccination, Parasite Prevention

  • All cats must have an F3 vaccination in order to enter the boarding facility. Proof of vaccination status is required.
  • Cats and Kittens can board in the facility as long as they are fully vaccinated (their vaccination record must show their next vaccination is due one year after their most recent vaccination). They also must have waited the minimum required waiting period (2 weeks) after receiving a vaccination unless the vaccination was an annual vaccination given within 1 month of the due date.
  • My Pet Hub Townsville Cat Boarding reserves the right to refuse a cat’s admission or place them in isolation at cost of the owner if proof of vaccination status is not provided. Ability of My Pet Hub Townsville Cat Boarding to offer a place in isolation is not guaranteed and owners acceptance of an isolation boarding place is at their own risk.
  • My Pet Hub Townsville Cat Boarding reserves the right to refuse admission of cats showing signs of infectious disease or illness.
  • Cats 6 months and older must be desexed in order to board in the facility.
  • Any cats exhibiting signs of parasite infestation will be treated at the owners’ expense.


  • My Pet Hub Townsville Cat Boarding reserves the right to decline boarding to cats with severe behavioural issues.
  • My Pet Hub Townsville Cat Boarding takes no responsibility for any belongings lost or damaged while in the boarding facility.
  • It is required for a local emergency contact to be elected and provide us with a contact number.
  • Cats in the boarding facility will be fed quality, premium wet and dry food, unless a diet is provided.
  • For information on the procedure for emergency situations please see ‘Natural Disaster and Evacuation Plan’.
  • In case of illness we will contact you or your emergency contact and ask for consent for treatment or ask you to contact your regular vet for treatment.
  • In case of emergency we will provide first aid and treatment to stabilise the patient and contact you or your emergency contact to seek treatment at your regular vet if you wish to do so.

Payments, Deposits, Fees

  • The cats boarding stay is to be paid for upon admission and all additional fees charged during the stay must be paid for at discharge.
  • Additional fees may include necessary veterinary treatment, parasite prevention or services requested by the owner.
  • Boarding fees are charged per calendar day,
  • Each day a cat is boarding during a peak period incurs a surcharge. Peak periods include Easter, Christmas and Public Holidays.
  • All boarding fees for peak periods must be paid 4 weeks prior to the date of admission. This payment is nonrefundable and non-transferable.
  • Clients are welcome to bring their own food for their cat; however, this will not result in any discount of boarding fees or surcharges.
  • There will be a surcharge for cats requiring medication or treatment while in the boarding facility.

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