Keeping your dog entertained

Whether you live with a high energy dog who needs lots of stimulus, or just want to keep your dog preoccupied while your at work for the day, we have a list of some great activities to keep your dog entertained.

Food puzzle toys

As the name suggests these are toys which are designed so the dog has to work and figure out how to get to the delicious treat inside. Let’s face it, what dog isn’t tempted by food? So these toys will have your dog preoccupied for hours. Some good examples of these toys are: The Kong, The Tricky Treat Ball, The Tug a Jug, and The Dog Casino. Not only do these toys help your dog mentally and physically it also helps them slow down when they are eating.

Tip: You can take this one step further by hiding these toys around your house or backyard so they have to find them before they can start playing/eating them.

Take them for walks

A tired dog is a good dog. If you can, try and take your dog for a long walk before you leave for the day. This will tire them out, leaving them knackered and sleepy for the time you are at work. If you don’t have time before work you could even look at hiring a dog walker or a Doggie Daycare service. This will give your dog a much needed energy burst while you are at work and also give them some social interaction.

Give your dog some jobs to do

Dogs were bred to work for humans. Whether it was hunting, fetching, protecting or scavenging dogs, were bred to help humans. With this, you could teach your dog some simple house hold chores, like helping bring in the washing, helping carry in the grocery bags, or bringing in the newspaper. This can help them feel like they have a bigger purpose and not only that, give them some physical stimulation.

Shell pools

If your dog loves water, but you don’t have time to take them swimming during the day, filling a plastic kids pool with water can help alleviate boredom, and also keep them cool throughout the day. Alternatively for those dogs who like to dig, you can fill up the clam shell with sand.

Social activities

Dogs need to be stimulated, and especially need to have social interaction. Off-leash play with other dogs served multiple purposes. It gives your dog an opportunity to be social, but also will tire them out physically and mentally. Look at taking them to a dog friendly park or beach where they can run around and play with other dogs. Or alternatively you could book them a place in Doggie Daycare one day a week. To enquire about enrolling your dog in daycare, please call us at My Pet Hub Townsville and speak to one of our dog handlers at Dogtopia Retreat on (07) 4401 5754.