Tips for increasing water intake in cats

Cats - increase water intake to avoid urinary tract problems

Increasing the amount of water your cat drinks can be important in the management of some urinary tract problems. The following suggestions may be helpful for encouraging your cat to drink more water;

  • Add water to the food, either dry or canned food. Start with a small amount and slowly increase if your cat accepts the food with added water.
  • Ensure water is available in several place around the house and outdoors. Have water available next to the food bowl.
  • Ensure water is changed regularly and the bowls are cleaned regularly.
  • Try different types of bowls, some cats will prefer shallow over deep, plastic over ceramic or vice versa.
  • Offer different types of water; filtered, distilled, bottled, warm, cold etc
  • Some cats prefer running water, try a pet fountain or consider having a tap left to slowly drip into a bowl (ensure doesn’t block plug hole)
  • Leave some water in the bottom of the bath, sink or shower.
  • Try flavouring the water; add a splash of milk, juice from canned tuna in spring water or try soaking a small amount of their diet in water and then straining the water for them to drink