Pippa - Bladder Stone

Pippa came to see us recently because she had some trouble urinating and her owners had noticed blood in her urine. She was very uncomfortable in her belly and so Dr Emily did an ultrasound to find out what was going on. Pippa had a bladder stone that was causing her problems.

Bladder stones are more common in female dogs and often occur in middle age. In some cases, depending on the type of stone, bladder stones can be treated with a special prescription diet to help dissolve them however this takes several weeks. In Pippa’s case, because she was having so much discomfort and she is a tiny dog, we surgically removed the bladder stone to give her relief much sooner. The stone will be analysed to work out what minerals it is formed from and Pippa will go onto a special diet to prevent more stones forming in the future.

The ultrasound picture shows a bright white line that is the surface of the bladder stone and then a big black shadow underneath it because the ultrasound waves cannot pass through the stone.