Dolly - Batteries

Meet Dolly and Daisy – cattle dog sisters who recently raided Mum’s handbag and ate some batteries. They came in to see Dr Emily and because we didn’t know who the culprit was they both had an x-ray and we discovered it was Dolly who had been the gobble guts. 

As the batteries were very small, we were hopeful we might be able to get them out safely by inducing vomiting. Unluckily for Dolly, we managed to get 4 out of 5 out by inducing vomiting but the last one just wouldn’t come out. While sometimes endoscopy can be used to retrieve things from the stomach, we were advised that such a tiny, slippery metal thing like this would be almost impossible to grasp via endoscopy so it meant the only option was to do surgery.

Dolly had emergency surgery within a couple hours of eating the batteries and the battery was successfully removed. She did not appear to have any damage to her stomach and recovered nicely from surgery.

Dolly has just had her post-op check and is doing really well – but is still trying to eat anything and everything even with her cone on. We look forward to seeing her for her next puppy vaccination.