Athena - Broken Baby Tooth

Athena came in to visit Dr Emily on Saturday because her pet parents noticed she had a broken tooth. We don’t know how it happened, but being a puppy, there is a good chance she had been chewing on something she didn’t realise was too hard for her little baby teeth.

While she didn’t seem particularly bothered, the tooth had broken right through the pulp cavity exposing the sensitive nerve endings in the middle. This is painful and leads to the possibility of infection in the tooth root. The biggest concern with infection in baby teeth is that it can affect the developing adult tooth underneath and could cause an abnormal tooth.

The best thing to do is remove the broken tooth to prevent pain and infection so Athena came in for a dental procedure with Dr Sarah on Monday (and cuddles with Nurse Kara). Have a look at her dental x-rays showing her baby teeth and adult teeth waiting to come through.